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Every Couple Should Try These 13 Things

Get some great ideas on https://lockthecock.com/collections/male-chastity-devices of things that you shod try out as a couple.

Try out each other hobbies

You and your partner could have different hobbies. Try out both of them and so you get more time with each other.

Go on a road trip

A road trip gives you lots of time to communicate and explore; So plan a road trip with your partner.

Try a new hobby

Try out something that you both were planning to learn for some time. This way you both can learn together and help each other too.


Accept it that you hardly get time these days for anything. Work and mobile phones take away all the time. Have days when you leave all commitments aside and you both just snuggle up and talk or watch a movie.

Cook together

Try out some new recipes in the kitchen. While one chops the other cooks and this can actually be romantic

Try an adventure sport

If you are one of those who wants to be challenged then try out an adventure sport that you have never tried before.

Clean your home

If this sounds boring then try doing it with your partner. You will never realize that it could be so much fun pulling out some old stuff and remembering the olden days.

Dance in the rain

Who cares what the world is thinking about you. Set yourself free and dance in the rain.

Go shopping

Shopping is fun with your partner. Try it out!

Have fun

A relationship is only about having fun together. So go on a wild spree with our partner.

A beach holiday

Plan a nice and aromantic beach holiday

An expensive vacation

You deserve it so spend some money and plan a nice resort stay.

Set a time to speak about your worries

This may sound not fun at all but every relationship can be made better by communicating so set sometime when you can communicate and let your partner know how you feel about him and the relationship.